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Acadiana Beagle Club, the first Gundog Beagle Club that was organized in Louisiana, held it's first meeting in the fall of 1975 and was attended by some of it's present members, namely, Previs Bertrand, Aaron Lyons and others.

The American Kennel Club approved the first licensed field trial which was run on February 18, 1981. This trial had a lot of enthusiasum and was well attended. It was the first small pack option trial held in the Deep South. The first running grounds used by the club belonged to Mr. Preston Moore who is still active in beagling today.

In 1983 the club leased 200 acres of excellent rabbit habitat near Eunice, Louisiana. The club house was an old farm building. The running grounds consisted of heavy brush, piney woods, and hardwoods with several pipelines and several right of ways. The club presently leases several grounds in the same area which include 80, 40, and 39 acre tracts.

In order to make it more convenient for the club to hold it's field trials, two 120 acre tracts are presently leased just off Interstate 10 near Egan, Louisiana. These are some of the finest running grounds in the country as there are an abundance of rabbits and the terrain is not difficult to walk through.

The field trial headquarters are in a nice enclosed pavillion at the Cajun Haven Camp Ground which is a very well maintained camp ground with full camper hookups, gasoline and groceries all of which are just across the Interstate from the running grounds. Motels are within 10 minutes of the running grounds at Crowley, Louisiana. There are also several nice restaurants nearby with excellent Cajun Crusine. Although it is doubtful that a better meal could be found elsewhere than what is served at the trial.

Acadiana hosts an all age trial in November, a licensed trial in December, a derby trial in March, and several two-couple pack trials for members only in the off season. These trials are always well attended by beaglers from near and far.

Presently, Acadiana maintains an active membership of approximately 90 to 100 members. Acadiana belongs to the Deep South Federation and the Southern States Association which is one of the four associations that make up the Deep South. In the past 18 years, Acadiana has built a strong reputation and is well known throughout the country for it's facilities, food, members, running grounds, judges,and especially it's fine hounds.

Acadiana is proud to have finished 30 field champions to date, which may be one of the few SPO clubs that have done so in the country. Congradulations to these fine hounds, their owners, breeders, judges, and all who consistantly strive improve the beagle breed and make this the fine sport that it is today.